2024 第 25 周

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  1. 推荐阅读 Algorithm Design ps: 读完第三章 Graphs, 因此大多内容与图有关
  2. Graph[Undirected]/Directed Graph, Node/Vertex, Edge, Degree, Path/Simple/Cycle
  3. Edge
  4. Breadth-First Search, BFS is not only determining the nodes that s can reach, it is also computing shortest paths to them
  5. Hierarchy[Layer 层], Distance[Short Path]
  6. Depth-First Search
  7. Graph 可以使用邻接表和邻接矩阵表示
  8. Abstract data type, Graph drawing
  9. Directed graph, Directed acyclic graph[DAG]
  10. 在使用邻接表表示有向图时,可以优化邻接表 (only focus on out-degree) 到十字链表(增加逆邻接表), 或者邻接多重表
  11. Queue[First-In, First-Out], Stack[Last-In, First-Out]
  12. Both queues and stacks can be easily implemented via a doubly linked list

  13. Connected/Strong Connected/Connected Component[连通分量], 并查集
  14. Bipartite graph[二分图] - Tree, Cycle Graph with an even number of vertices
  15. Topological Ordering[拓扑排序] - 依次选 in-degree 为 0 的节点,最后为 out-degree 为 0 的节点
  16. Tree: Root, Leaf[L], Internal(一个[I]或两个[N]子节点)[内部节点]. 节点总数[n] = L + I + N, 且 L = N + 1 - Ref
  17. 一个图中没有环,并且是连通的,那么它一定是树

  18. Given a tree T on n nodes, how many edges does it have? Each node other than the root has a single edge leading “upward” to its parent; and conversely, each edge leads upward from precisely one non-root node

  19. Tree-traversal
  20. N 个节点的有向无环图,最多有多少条边?
  21. Shortest path problem - [Dijkstra]
  22. 数学归纳法 - 1 情况下成立; 假设 n 情况下成立,确认 n + 1 情况是否成立
  23. Proving graph connectedness given the minimum degree of all vertices
  24. Graph Operations, Edit Distance
  25. 多巴胺/内啡肽
  26. namespaced-components, 在 js 中 export 多个组件,就有了 Form.Input 这种写法
  27. PrimeVue 的 DataTable 组件如何自定义排序 ps: 有问题还得查 issue 列表
  28. [ChatGPT] 如何获取用户侧 Chrome 浏览器安装的扩展列表或检测特定扩展
  29. 耄耋咥 dié/xì

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